What is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program?

The EB-5 program offers a unique opportunity for foreign investors to obtain U.S. residency by investing in American enterprises. By contributing a specified minimum amount to projects that create jobs in the U.S., investors and their immediate families can secure a path to permanent residency, leading to potential citizenship. This program not only fuels economic growth but also opens doors for investors to live, work, and study in the United States.


“SRC has been serving EB-5 investors for over a decade. We are one of the few regional centers, that have completed the full circle of 100 % turnaround from initial capital investment layout from investors to I-526 petitions and approval, to I-829 petitions and approval and to eventual return of investors’ capital.”

“SRC is not owned by the Project Developer or Job Creating Entity”

What does that mean?

  • SRC has always put our EB-5 investors first.
  • SRC focuses on minimizing financial risk when selecting and approving our EB-5 project.
  • SRC focuses on successful adjudication of green card.

How does this benefit the EB-5 Investor?

Priority Visa Process

SRC chose to do a “rural area” project to ensure our EB-5 investors get priority visa processing.

100% Return

For all of SRC’s closed Funds, we have returned all ofthe Investors’ capital contributions.

100% Approval

For all adjudicated I-526 and I-829 fileds on our projects, there has been 100% approval