This is the first article in a series of ten articles focusing on how a potential investor might choose an EB-5 Regional Center and EB-5 Project so that the chance of immigration success is maximized and the risk of financial loss is minimized.  In the successive chapters, we will focus on the details of a methodology for choosing a qualified EB-5 Regional Center and EB-5 Project, which includes the importance of assessing the depth of a Project Developer’s business experience, the strength of the industry within which the Project operates, and critical “safety nets” that a Project might put into place to protect its investors.  More specifically, these articles will illustrate the reasons why a potential investor would choose Southeast Regional Center, LLC and the Project it is currently sponsoring.


Southeast Regional Center LLC (SRC) was approved by USCIS to act as an EB-5 Regional Center in 2010.  SRC focuses on sponsoring manufacturing projects in rural areas. Through its sponsorship, SRC has made over $54 million in EB-5 investor capital available for infusion into its sponsored manufacturing projects.

SRC’s philosophy prioritizes the investor. Unlike many other Regional Centers, SRC does not hold an equity stake in the Projects it sponsors. This allows SRC to be objective and to place the needs of the investors at the forefront of its activities. With this philosophy, SRC has enjoyed a 100% approval rate for all I-526 and I-829 petitions that have been fully adjudicated by USCIS so far.  In addition, for all investors whose I-829 petitions have been approved, their investment capital has been returned.  

SRC’s business approach is a cautious one. Keeping the interests of the investors paramount, SRC proceeds thoughtfully and thoroughly with its review of potential projects and provides expert oversight of ongoing projects.  SRC’s review of potential projects includes consideration of strength of the industry within which the Project operates, and critical “safety nets” that a Project might put into place to protect its investors.  


SRC’s internal team and trusted partners consist of a group carefully chosen individuals who are themselves highly capable and deeply experienced in the fields of finance, collateralization, economic analysis, operations, and securities and immigration law. Please refer to chapter 10 for a description of each of our team members and trusted partners.


Using the formula that has been successful for its five previous projects, SRC has chosen to sponsor a rural-area project in the auto parts manufacturing industry for its most current project offering.  With this project, SRC has again applied the same type of project parameters, investment safeguards, and investment terms as with SRC’s previous successful projects.

Relationships are everything and an essential ingredient to our successful formula.  Ajin USA is the Project Developer. Ajin USA is a subsidiary of Ajin Industrial Co., Ltd., a company that is publicly traded on the Korean Exchange.  Ajin USA has been chosen to be a Tier 1 supplier of stamped metal autobody parts to Hyundai for Hyundai’s new $7.59 billion EV manufacturing facility located in Bryan County, Georgia, USA.  Ajin USA has been a critical supplier for Hyundai in the United States for more than 40 years.  SRC and Ajin USA have shared successes and enjoyed a relationship of mutual trust and transparency for more than 10 years.


The next nine articles will provide in depth coverage of the issues touched upon in this introduction.  If you are considering an investment through the EB-5 Program, the information provided should be very helpful to your decision-making.  And, if you would like to become a part of SRC’s success, please review an article published by USA Today on January 31, 2024.  In this article, the journalist states:

As the global automobile manufacturing industry transitions from ICEs (internal combustion engines) to EVs (battery electric vehicles)….The U.S. electric vehicle market is expected to grow rapidly….Southeast Regional Center, LLC (SRC)…is spearheading a solution-driven initiative to revive U.S. manufacturing.…SRC’s strategic approach involves attracting foreign investors to support EV manufacturing plants, creating job opportunities in rural areas for plant construction, and operation, and uplifting communities.


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